TINA – The Tina Turner Musical at Keller Auditorium

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical Tickets

Keller Auditorium | Portland, Oregon

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical

Tina Turner is potentially the most famous domestic abuse survivor, so celebrating her and her amazing strength during the time of Time’s Up and #MeToo feels right. And to add to the feminist movement, the team behind Tina – The Tina Turner Musical is led by the amazing playwright Katori Hall, director Phyllida Lloyd, and executive producer, Tina Turner herself. What more do we need to tell you about this highly anticipated musical, come and watch it yourself at the amazing Keller Auditorium in Portland!

It’s a compelling piece of drama and it has to be so, because of the level of tragedy that took place over the period of her life. And the performers do go through that journey of her time with Ike. But you’ll see her come out of that as well and you experience her standing on her own two feet and become her own woman and her own artist. You don’t need to go through domestic violence to appreciate her story and understand why she has so many devoted fans and followers. If you want to watch all of this, then come down to the Keller Auditorium in Portland and catch a true classic that you are sure to love!

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical at Keller Auditorium

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