Keller Auditorium Hotels

Don’t worry if you don’t live anywhere near Portland, Oregon. Because many visitors and guests to Keller Auditorium come in from out of town. And these guests make use of the fantastic hotel options near the venue. Oregon is Portland’s largest city so it’s no wonder that there’s so much to see and do!
If you are traveling from out of town to the Keller Auditorium, then why not extend your time to see just what it has to offer?

There are plenty of options for accommodation in the area and making a booking means that your concert/theatre experience has just been made easier! Unpack your bags and relax before and after the show, so that you don’t have to rush home. And then spend the following days exploring your surroundings, check out the most popular restaurants, bars, museums and cafes, wonder around the shopping districts and hang out with your friends/family.

If you’d like to book the best rooms available nearby, then please let our partners help. They can get you great deals for comfy rooms from hotels like the fan-favorite options below. For advice on where to stay, see below for the best Hotels in Portland:

Sentinel Hotel
Address: 614 SW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Hotel Monaco
Address: 506 S.W. Washington, Portland, OR 97204

Hotel Vintage Plaza
Address: 422 Broadway Ave., Portland, Oregon 97205

Residence Inn by Marriott Portland Downtown — River place
Address: 2115 SW River Parkway

Hotel deLuxe
Address: 729 SW 15th Ave, Portland OR 97205