The Keller Auditorium is located at:
222 SW Clay Street
Portland, Oregon 97201

Just off of the main roads in the Downtown area of Portland, the venue is easy to find and is accessible by driving, walking or transport. Be sure to plan ahead as during event times, a high volume of traffic is expected.

As Clay Street is a busy location, on site parking is not available. Therefore if you are traveling by car, take a look at the surrounding parking lots available for use on maps before arrival.

Once you arrive, these are your best parking options. We recommend bringing cash and credit as parking lots pricing and accepted payment methods may vary.

There are plenty of options such as Street Parking, you will have to pay a fee for this and the price is dependent on the building itself. The meters generally run until 7PM, but do check the signs.

As well as this, Downtown Portland has many parking lots in the area, which again are straight forward to find.
Here are some within a short distance to the venue:

  1. Crown Plaza
  2. KOIN Tower
  3. City Center Parking