keller auditorium seating chart

As you enter The Keller Auditorium you will be mesmerized by just how spacious the building is, stretched across blocks in the exterior, the interior has taken a more modern approach, but it’s historical feel still surrounds its walls. Making it a perfect place to see the best in Orchestral performances and Broadway entertainment as they both travel through the eras.

All seats are theater style seats with arm rests and flip down plus seating with plenty of room for legs and between guests. Before the show, you can enjoy the leisure of the intricately decorated rooms.

Best Seating Options

Frequent guests have said that Orchestra sections B-D are the best choices if you want the best view of the stage. Though Balcony sections B-D, or Center Box seat sections 6-9 also provide excellent views of the stage for cheaper pricing.

Keller Auditorium Capacity

Keller Auditorium has room for 2,992 guests across multiple levels and seating sections. With 2,992 seats to choose from, there’s plenty of options and it’s classic layout means that from every angle, you will be able to see and hear the live shows without disruption.

As the popular musicals take to the stage, you as the guests can feel like you are in the famous Broadway life, all from the comfort of your home town! It’s all right here – head over to the Keller Auditorium events page to make a booking!