The Keller Auditorium prides itself on being a safe environment to encourage all attendees to be able to enjoy there experience and get the most out of their time. As it plays host to a varied line-up of events, including plays and productions, please behave as if you were going to a theatre building, as similar rules apply. Keller Auditorium is happy to host the best concerts and shows at one of the hottest venues in Oregon. But to make sure everyone has a great time, they’ve created a set of rules and policies that all guests should follow. Please take the time to read and understand these rules, because guests who fail to abide by them may be expelled without refund or banned. If you have any questions, please contact the venue at (503) 248-4335.

Code of Conduct Policy

Be courteous and respectful of those around you. This includes avoiding offensive behavior, language, and gestures. Guests who are disruptive may be asked to leave.

COVID-19 Policy

Beginning March 12, 2022, requirements for entry will be determined by each performance. Please check event descriptions or call the venue for any mask and vaccine requirements.

For Events with Vaccination Requirement:

All ticket holders, regardless of age, are required to show proof of full COVID vaccination or a negative test result (taken within 72 hours prior to showtime) from a healthcare provider for entry into the theatre.
“Fully vaccinated” means that ticket holders have received their final vaccination dose of either the two-dose regimen of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one dose of Johnson & Johnson at least 14 days before your performance date. Be sure to have your ID (name must match documentation) with you as well.
Proof of vaccination may be in physical printed form (original vaccine card or photocopy) or in digital form (photo or scan on your mobile device).
Negative test results must be from a test administered by a licensed healthcare facility, and can also be in either print or digital form. At-home tests are not accepted at this time.

For Events with Mask Requirement:

Face masks are required for entry. Masks must completely cover the nose and mouth. Gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable. If wearing a face mask that does not comply with Metro policy, Portland’5 will provide a face mask for patrons. Masks must be worn at all times except while eating or drinking for brief periods. Prolonged periods of mask removal are not permitted for eating or drinking – masks must be worn between bites and sips.
Policies are subject to change and updates will be posted on event descriptions when applicable.

Dress Code Policy

There are not set rules for attire when attending a performance. Some people like to dress up for a night out, while others prefer to be casual. However, each event is different, so plan accordingly. In the end, it’s all about the amazing performance you’re about to experience – so don’t worry too much about your clothes.

Food and Beverage Policy

Outside food and beverage is not allowed in the venue. There are vendors on-site to get snacks and refreshments before the show, during intermissions, and after the show.

Late Arrival Policy

We recommend that you arrive early. If you arrive late, you may be held out or reseated until an appropriate time for you to get to your assigned seat.

Noise Policy

Every guest should be able to enjoy the performance without disruption. Please silence or turn off all electronic devices.

Photography and Recording Policy

Most shows do not allow photography of any kind and flash photography is never allowed. Please refer to the event description or call the venue regarding other forms of photography for your ticketed event.

Perfume and Cologne Policy

Please do not wear perfume or cologne as some people are highly allergic.

Lost and Found Policy

Lost something at the venue? Then contact staff or security to ask about guest services so you can see if something was turned in. After the show, you can inquire about lost and found items if you call the venue’s lost and found at 503.274.6551.

Prohibited Items List

Generally speaking, guests and visitors are not allowed to bring the following items to the venue.

  • No professional cameras or any camera with detachable lenses are allowed
  • No Audio or Video Recording Devices, GoPros, Laptops, or Selfie Sticks
  • No Wrapped Gifts or Balloons
  • No Signs
  • No Strollers unless tickets are in our Suites, Lounge 954, or Corona Beach House
  • No weapons of any kind (Knives, Pocket Knives, Mace, Tasers, Etc.)
  • No Chains or Spikes
  • No Fireworks and Laser Pointers
  • No Air Horns or Vuvuzelas
  • No Food is permitted unless for medical/religious purposes
  • No Previously Purchased Souvenir Cups
  • No Non-prescription Drugs
  • No Animals, except Certified Service Animals
  • Laptops Are Not Permitted
  • Any Other Item Management may deem dangerous to Public Safety

If you require any specific item, please speak with the venue staff to discuss your needs.