The Book Of Mormon [CANCELLED] at Keller Auditorium

The Book Of Mormon [CANCELLED] Tickets

Keller Auditorium | Portland, Oregon

Do you need something exciting to do on a Tuesday night this coming May? Then the Keller Auditorium has got the perfect show for you! On this Tuesday 12th May 2020, the Keller Auditorium is proud to host and present The Book of Mormon! This magnificent show has some of the best talent in the industry who are ready to liven up your evening with the finest quality entertainment around. The 9 Tony Award Winning The Book of Mormon consistently delivers the strongest stage performers around and has a track record of performing in front of sold out audiences, so you don't want to miss what they are doing in 2020. You do not even have to worry about seating, since Keller Auditorium has some of the best seating in Portland with a great view possible from every seat. So mark your calendars and buy your tickets for an magnificent show at Keller Auditorium on Tuesday 12th May 2020.

The Book Of Mormon [CANCELLED] at Keller Auditorium

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, Orgazmo, and Cannibal! The Musical, join the creative talents of Robert Lopez to create “The Book of Mormon”, one of this season’s filthiest, most offensive, and surprisingly sweet musicals on Broadway Today! This musical comes hot off the heels of the satirical success of South Park episode “All About Mormons” as well as the “Super Best Friends” to tell a story that lampoons and celebrates the Mormon faith.

The musical tells the tale of a pair of Latter-Day Saints missionaries who have come to a remote Ugandan village with the hopes of spreading the faith and inspiring the villagers. But trouble comes when their intentions are met with apathy, since the villagers have more pressing concerns with HIV/AIDS, famine, and oppression from the village warlords. As the story unfolds, we find the missionaries’ faith tested by the harsh and stressful realities they have discovered and how stories and metaphors can lead to a brighter future and hope, even as war and violence remains a part of one’s life.

This combination of very dark themes and inspirational messages comes together in a way that Ben Brantley of The New York Times has compared favorably to Rodgers and Hammerstein classic “The King and I”. He has even said that its “…setting these dark elements to sunny melodies…achieves something like a miracle. It both makes fun of and ardently embraces the all-American art form of the inspirational book musical.” Jon Stewart has even had nothing but praise to offer to the creators for the play during a March 10, 2011 episode of The Daily Show that first talks about the production.

If you want to catch this award-winning and universally acclaimed production for yourself, then catch The Book of Mormon live at Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday 12th May 2020!

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