Calexico & Iron and Wine at Keller Auditorium

Calexico & Iron and Wine Tickets

Keller Auditorium | Portland, Oregon

Clear up your calendars for Friday 23rd August 2019 because Calexico & Iron and Wine is coming to Portland. On that very day, the entire Keller Auditorium will be dancing to the rhythms of this amazing performer in what may be one of the most amazing music events of 2019. Do you love Calexico & Iron and Wine as much as we do? If so, team up with your friends and make sure to grab your tickets in time as Calexico & Iron and Wine has a history of sold out concerts. Do not miss out on the event everybody in Oregon will be talking about for years to come! Get hold of your tickets now.

Calexico & Iron and Wine at Keller Auditorium

If you have ever enjoyed a show at Keller Auditorium then you know why it is one of the most popular spots for live concerts in Portland Oregon. Guests will be able to enjoy their favorite performances in what can only be described as an astounding historic concert hall and performing arts center. The lighting has been carefully maintained to combine the classic aesthetic sensibilities with modern day design principles to offer a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. From the moment you pass by the front doors, you will know that you are among the leading venues for concert performances in the country. With all of this history of powerful events under its belt, is it any wonder why Keller Auditorium was chosen as the place for Calexico & Iron and Wine and their upcoming August show? Join many others in seeing this award-winning performance by clicking the Buy Tickets button below.

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