Les Miserables at Keller Auditorium

Les Miserables at Keller AuditoriumBehold the resounding epic of Les Misérables from November 7 to 12 LIVE at Portland’s Keller Auditorium! Embarked on a new North American tour, this renewed production marks the return of lead actors Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean and Preston Truman Boyd as Police Inspector Javert. Les Misérables, set in the fragile era of 19th-century France, spans approximately three hours, depicting a classical tale of redemption through the sacrifices and convictions made by former prisoner Valjean. The show revives Cameron Mackintosh’s English adaptation of the 1980 French musical by Alain Boublil (Concept, Book & Original French Lyrics) and Claude-Michel Schönberg (Book & Music), which itself is based on the 1862 novel by Victor Hugo. Seen by over 130 million people in 53 countries, Les Misérables’ history brims with recognition, winning three Olivier Awards in its longest-running West End stint and eight Tony Awards in the original Broadway series. It’s a theatrical obra maestra that DEMANDS to be seen, so go and make your reservations today!

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“A solid piece of theatrical architecture, built to survive every critical arrow shot through its heart.” – Variety

“Faster, grittier, gloomier and, above all, more emphatic than ever.” – Hollywood Reporter

22 languages. 53 countries. 130 million people. Les Misérables has staked its claim over the world with record-breaking triumph, and this year, its revolution will take on a new North American tour to further extend its domain. The series launched last October in Cleveland, heading towards the deep west for a Portland appearance at the Keller Auditorium where it will play eight shows from November 7 to 12.

Can a man change and redeem himself through great effort? Or is he forever subservient to the prejudice of the law?

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Our story follows the life and crimes of Prisoner 24601, Jean Valjean, a man sentenced to nineteen years of imprisonment for theft. Upon experiencing the tremendous mercy of a bishop who housed him, Valjean vows redemption and breaks off from his parole, but not without incurring the wrath of a prison guard-turned-inspector. This decades-spanning game of cat and mouse would bear witness to the fugitive’s metamorphosis from hardened criminal to protective father figure, challenging the preconceptions of humanity as it sweeps across the backdrop of a 19th-century France on the verge of political upheaval.

Running at roughly three hours, Les Misérables evokes the tenacity of the human spirit in transcendent symphonies, portraying the struggle against oppression and shattered dreams in a fully sung-through musical exhibition.

“At this point, Les Miserables is entrenched in our culture as a musical for the ages.” – Huffington Post

“Is that sniffling we hear in the audience? Yes, and that’s why les miserables endures.” – NY Post 

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Les Miserables Cast:

Nick Cartell returns to the barricades with renewed fervor after recently accomplishing his 1000th career performance as the heroic Jean Valjean. Opposite him is the fugitive’s dogged pursuer, the relentless Inspector Javert played by Jersey Boys principal actor Preston Truman Boyd, as well as an expansive cast of intriguing characters.

To complete the cast, the production enlists the talents of the following swings and ensembles: John Ambrosino, Jenna Burns, Julie Cardia, Ben Cherington, Arianne Dicerbo, Genevieve Ellis, Michelle Beth Herman, Mya Rena Hunter, Eden Mau, Nicole Morris, Ashley Dawn Mortensen, Christopher Robin Sapp, Greta Schaefer, and Kyle Timson.

“You see a story about people who are fighting for a better world and fighting to be heard. There’s this theme of the survival of the human spirit, and everybody down to their core can connect with that now,” lead actor Nick Cartell remarks in an interview.

Broadway Creative Team:

British producer Cameron Mackintosh humbly presents the riveting revival of Les Miz’s 1980 adaptation by Alain Boublil (Concept, Book & Original French Lyrics), Jean-Marc Natel (Original French Text), and Claude-Michel Schönberg (Book & Music), with English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer. Directors James Powell & Laurence Connor stand at the helm, leading a multi-awarded band of creatives.

Les Misérables is based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel of the same name. It was first adapted on stage in 1980, directed by Robert Hossein, and presented at the Palais des Sports, Paris. The show’s successful run would later spawn a London production five years later in 1985, where it eventually claimed the title of West End’s longest-running musical with performances still playing up to this day. It won three Laurence Olivier Awards, including two Audience Awards for Most Popular Show.

Les Misérables’ Broadway debut came in 1987, adding new material and improvements to its predecessor’s production. It dominated the award season, clinching eight Tony Award selections, including Best Musical, Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score, in addition to five Drama Desk Award wins. The show closed after 6,680 performances in sixteen years, which, at the time, was the second-longest record for a musical on Broadway.

As decades passed, countless other replicas would continue Les Misérables’ thriving history, from multi-awarded international productions to cast recordings to film adaptations. Tours would also expand viewership to far-reaching corners, while anniversary concerts would celebrate its long-standing reputation as the most popular musical in the world.

“It’s beautifully sung and acted. The melodies are as grandiose as the story.” – Associated Press

“One of the greatest musicals ever created.” – Chicago Tribune

Witness the GREATEST tale of redemption ever told LIVE in Portland, OR, as Les Misérables’ 2023 North American tour arrives at the Keller Auditorium! There are eight shows available from November 7 to 12, so choose a date and book your seats now!

“Purists won’t find any holes to poke in this air-tight national tour, which demonstrates a clear reverence for the beloved show’s storied history while delivering stunning, modern visuals and breathing new life into numbers like “A Heart Full of Love” with a healthy injection of humor… At the end of the day — pun intended — this production has a truly epic quality that could make even the Thénardiers shed a tear (while they pick your pockets).”