Frequently asked questions

Does Portland have Broadway shows?

Portland has a thriving and vibrant theater scene. There are numerous venues and theater companies that perform plays and musicals. In particular, the Keller Auditorium hosts several touring Broadway shows throughout the year, showing some of the most popular shows.

Does Keller Auditorium serve drinks?

The Keller Auditorium has several food and beverage outlets within the building. They serve water, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic beverages for visitors to enjoy in the lobby and mezzanine.

Can you bring food into Keller Auditorium?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted at the Keller Auditorium. Guests can instead purchase food from the refreshment outlets before, during, and after their show.

How old is the Keller Auditorium?

The Keller Auditorium in Portland, OR, is currently 107 years old. It opened in 1917 and continues to host hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

What to wear to Keller Auditorium?

The Keller Auditorium embodies the laid-back spirit of Portland, OR. For that reason, guests may wear formal outfits if they wish, although it is certainly not a requirement. Many guests choose a smart/casual outfit for their shows.

Where is the best place to sit at the Keller Auditorium?

All seats at the Keller Auditorium offer a great view and good acoustics. If you want to ensure the best seats in the house, seasoned visitors recommend sitting centrally and a few rows back from the front. Orchestra section rows C-G and balcony rows B-F are seen as premium sections.

What is the dress code at Keller Auditorium?

There is no set or required dress code when attending performances at the Keller Auditorium. Many guests enjoy dressing up for certain shows, especially opera. However, please feel free to wear smart/casual outfits if you feel more comfortable.

Who owns Keller Auditorium?

The Keller Auditorium is owned by the City of Portland, Oregon. In its role as owner, the city is currently investigating a few potential upgrades to the venue. It is operated by local theatrical organization, Portland’5 Centers for the Arts.

Are bags allowed in Keller Auditorium?

Some smaller bags, including small purses and clutches, are allowed at the Keller Auditorium. Clear bags are also encouraged. Larger or non-clear bags may be subject to enhanced searches — or may not be permitted at all.

Are purses allowed at Keller Auditorium?

Guests are allowed to bring small, hand-held purses to the Keller Auditorium. To ensure you can take your purse inside, please bring smaller items up to 4.5” x 6.5” in size. All purses may be inspected on entry.

What to wear to Portland Opera?

While the Keller Auditorium has a relaxed dress code for most events, many patrons enjoy dressing up for Portland Opera performances. At these shows, you may see tuxedos and formal gowns — although many visitors still wear smarter casual clothing.

What musicals are coming to Portland?

Many musicals visit Portland, OR, each year. One of the most popular venues is the Keller Auditorium, with upcoming events in 2024 including: