This Is Important at Keller Auditorium

This Is Important Tickets

Keller Auditorium | Portland, Oregon

This Is Important

This Is Important is rated as the premier and funniest comedy concert and is just epic! This is a great opportunity witness in person on the fall, 2023 states tour! Now the rest of the details are as follows.... 1.) Bring a few fellow comedy fans for all the laugh! 2.) Hosted by Keller Auditorium, Oregon, Portland on Thursday 16th November 2023, and 3.) Secure your entry directly from the 'GET TICKETS' icon for the absolutely most HILARIOUS Thursday night ever, November is looking WILD already! You are in for a REAL treat Y'all!

Comedy shows are a dime a dozen, BUT have you heard about the outstanding This Is Important? Well you heard it here first! This Is Important has tickets on general release for fall, 2023 and the show looks wild! Comedy lovers are desperate to see a night of tear inducing laughs this November, it'll be SO funny! Nobody will get through without some SERIOUS laughs! Critics are giving rave reviews, its sensational! How about see This Is Important live on stage when the tour stops at Portland, Oregon? This Is Important will be hosted by the outstanding, Keller Auditorium on Thursday 16th November 2023. Keller Auditorium is the greatest place for this hilarious event, its central, with great service and the facilities are endless, it'll be hella Thursday night! Book early so you don't miss out simply follow 'get tickets' right now!

This Is Important at Keller Auditorium

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