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The Lion King

The multi-award-winning musical, The Lion King, is back, and it’s conquering North America! This theatrical production of the 1994 Disney animated film has been making history for over two decades and still entertaining theater lovers worldwide! This 2024, the touring production of The Lion King will journey on a national tour, making several stops across esteemed venues! This January, the musical makes its way to Portland, Oregon, for a extended run at the Keller Auditorium! Witness the spectacular performance on Thursday 25th January 2024! Your Thursdays will never be the same! The show has notably won six Tony Awards, including winning Best Musical! Over at the Drama Desk Awards, the musical bagged ten awards! With its exceptional music, creative puppetry and costumes, and a stellar cast and creative team, there is no mystery why the Lion King has won numerous accolades. And over two decades since its premiere, it’s still slated to be the hottest and most exciting musical of the winter season! So don't wait and secure those tickets now, and don’t miss out on the Lion King on Thursday 25th January 2024!

The musical stage adaption of The Lion King has made history as one of the most bold theatrical projects of Disney Theatrical Productions. The musical pulled out all the stops with original music and lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice, with other music from esteemed composers, including the legendary Hans Zimmer. The musical has captivated fans, people of all ages, across the world. It has a story similar to the 1994 animated film, but the stage adaptation has much more depth, the music has been given an African music approach, and the costumes are extraordinary!

For this reason, it would almost be a sin to miss this remarkable musical, since it’s coming to Portland this winter! That means you get the opportunity on tickets, and instead of experiencing this Broadway legend in New York, you’re watching it right in your city! Mind you; the show never compromises quality. The Broadway critic of Entertainment Weekly wrote in his review, “The Lion King can make you fall in love with theater, no matter what theater it's in.” Indeed, the production has traveled all over the world. And now that it’s on its 26th year since premiering in 1997, it remains one of the must-see musicals.

“Where are you, really, anyway? The location is supposed to be a theater, a thoroughfare never thought of as a gateway to Eden. Yet somehow you have fallen into what appears to be a primal paradise,” says the New York Times’ Ben Brantly after seeing the Broadway production in 1997.

Another critic, John Simon wrote, “Come to The Lion King with two pairs of eyes, one ear, and half a brain. You will be bombarded by some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sights theater can offer from before and behind, so eyes in the back of your head will come in handy.”

This winter, the Keller Auditorium welcomes the touring production of The Lion King! The show on Thursday 25th January 2024 is guaranteed to deliver all the wonderful things talked about by critics. The musical will take you on a journey to another world while in the comfort of your seat at the Keller Auditorium! The state-of-the-art entertainment hall ensures viewing pleasure by providing top-tier amenities and light and sound technology. You will not be disappointed in catching the Lion King at the Keller Auditorium!

So hurry and score your tickets to the Lion King’s showing on Thursday 25th January 2024 at the Keller Auditorium! Tix are now on sale at the Get Tickets link!

The Lion King at Keller Auditorium

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