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The Lion King

This 2024, musical enthusiasts can look forward to another year of The Lion King! This show is seen as one of the enduring and among the most spectacular musicals to ever come out of Broadway, and now it's well past into its second decade! Thanks to insistent public demand, this remarkable show directed by Julie Taymor continues its enduring legacy with performances on Broadway, as well as across North America! The Lion King’s team is now in high gear as they gear up for another season of conquering numerous major cities! On Wednesday 10th January 2024, The Lion King will be illuminating the Keller Auditorium as part of its multiple-show run in Portland, Oregon! You will be captivated with the musical’s outstanding music by Elton John, Hans Zimmer, and more. Meanwhile, Taymor’s creative costume and puppet design are stunning! So if you haven’t checked out The Lion King yet, you better catch it now! Buy your tickets now to see The Lion King as it makes Keller Auditorium its home for the month of January!

The Broadway version of the award-winning musical just observed its 25th anniversary. From its official launch at the New Amsterdam Theatre, the show has embarked on 28 tours across the world, with presentations that have been witnessed by over 110 million individuals.

All is quite familiar with the narrative of the endearing lion cub Young Simba, who embarks on his journey on the African plains. The animated Disney children's favorite is portrayed to life on stages around the world, recounting the saga of the animals that indeed dominate the land in Africa as they battle to thrive.

This presentation will showcase life-size lions, leopards, elephants, and giraffes. The actors, several of whom are employing puppets, control costumes that embody a wide variety of animals. Some of the performers stride beneath or alongside the puppets, while others entirely embrace their characters.

The New York Times shares that throughout the show's 2 hours and 40 minutes, there will be several instances of "stunning beauty and innovative set design that is realized by means of creative techniques ranging from shadow puppetry to Bunraku." The critique continues to assert that undoubtedly, nowhere previously on Broadway has there been a authentic stampede of wildebeests or a animated herd of gazelles skimming the veldt that have been portrayed with such visually stunning conviction.

Only the most exceptional live entertainment shows are featured at the Keller Auditorium in Portland. With superb acoustics and an immersive stage, the theater in Oregon delivers the ideal environment for an unforgettable Lion King experience.
Join the Pride and immerse yourself in the Circle of Life in all its majestic splendor!

The Lion King at Keller Auditorium

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