Dirty Dancing In Concert at Keller Auditorium

Dirty Dancing In Concert Tickets

Keller Auditorium | Portland, Oregon

Dirty Dancing In Concert

What better way to forget your worries for a moment and break the daily routine than visiting the movies and treat yourself with a top-quality film delight? We can’t think of an alternative either. For this reason we’re excited to announce that one of the most promising and trendy movies of 2023 - Dirty Dancing In Concert, will be projected on the big screen in the illustrious and popular Keller Auditorium. The cinema hall is heralded throughout Portland and the surroundings for securing the ultimate viewing experience and always announcing a great program filled with timeless classics and hip blockbusters as well. Dirty Dancing In Concert makes no exception, so better tell your friends or family members to secure the finest viewing spots while they’re still available, and head down to Keller Auditorium to share a great movie entertainment together!

One of the most authentic cinema halls in Portland and the surroundings - Keller Auditorium will bring exciting and trendy blockbusters on the big screen this November! The local movie buffs are welcomed to get a taste of the 7th art in the most refined environment. The countless conveniences of the hall include friendly yet top professional service in the face of the hospitable staff, sizeable and cozy rooms, comfy seatings, low key ambiance and a wide variety of refreshments and snacks to boot. Let’s not forget also about the mind-bending sound systems and carefully crafted acoustics that take the action on screen even to the furthest corners of the rooms. All this combined with the convenient parking lots nearby the front doors leave nothing to be desired. The patrons need to do just one thing - head down to Keller Auditorium, bring their good mood and enjoy an exciting journey in the world of movies!

Dirty Dancing In Concert at Keller Auditorium

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