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Keller Auditorium | Portland, Oregon

Brett Goldstein

He’s here to show you what a British laugh riot is all about! Sensational actor and stand-up comic Brett Goldstein recently made a phenomenal breakout in the U.S. market! His iconic role as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso has put him on the map for North American audiences, and he’s here to give us some more of his outstanding British humor! The Second Best Night of Your Life, scheduled for fall, will deliver multiple shows across the U.S.! On Friday, 1st December 2023, Brett Goldstein is set to deliver the second night of his three-night run in Portland, Oregon! Fans can look forward to Godlstein’s performance at the Keller Auditorium! This show is guaranteed to belt out outstanding jokes, outrageous punchlines, and hilarious anecdotes! If you love comedy, you’ll surely have side stitches all night from laughing too hard! Goldstein’s Portland stop has fans scrambling for tickets. That’s why his supposed one-night stop has turned into a multiple-night extravaganza! Lucky for you, we have tickets right here, so you better score your passes now before you miss out!

He made millions of people laugh with his completely stoic character. Roy Kent was a beacon of great humor as the aging footballer charmed and endeared U.S. audiences. The actor who played the role, Brett Goldstein, exceptionally killed his part. Hence, the longtime British actor and comedian is only making his phenomenal breakout in North America this 2023. Unfortunately, Ted Lasso ended after season 3, and Goldstein expressed his sadness in saying goodbye to the series. Little did the comedian know that this would be the start of something amazing.

In 2023, Goldstein returned to his roots and performed a series of stand-up shows in spring. Surprisingly, the tour sold out every gig of his mini tour. For this reason, Goldstein has plotted numerous dates this fall for his first major headlining tour titled Second Best Night of Your Life. The moment tickets went on sale, the outstanding comedian sold out several of his shows. That’s why multiple dates have been added, and fans have more opportunities to see the sensational stand-up comedian deliver his material.

Unlike his expressionless character, Brett Goldstein has a plethora of emotions during his bit. The comedian is known for his exceptional humor and great storytelling. His observational humor also became an instant hit among his American audiences. During an interview, Goldstein was asked about his incredible breakout tour, “I did shows before anyone knew who I was, and I didn’t think ahead in terms of…I was just making the thing that was right at the time.” Goldstein quickly added that his bits often involve the truth and things about real people. Although it may seem that Goldstein has established his stand-up career overnight, he actually has decades' worth of experience in stand-up comedy. This 2023, he’s set to make his audiences laugh with brand-new and never-heard-before material.

His show at the Keller Auditorium is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable nights of the season, and he’ll have you talking about this performance for months to come! So hurry and bring your family and friends to Keller Auditorium on Friday, 1st December 2023, to see Brett Goldstein perform his much-awaited stand-up comedy set! Tickets are now up for grabs through the Get Tickets link!

Brett Goldstein at Keller Auditorium

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