The Keller Auditorium prides itself on being a safe environment to encourage all attendees to be able to enjoy there experience and get the most out of their time. As it plays host to a varied line-up of events, including plays and productions, please behave as if you were going to a theatre building, as similar rules apply.

Event start time and General etiquette:
– Please leave plenty of time to arrive, so that there is minimum disruption, not only does arriving late affect others in the audience it also can to the actors on stage. If you do arrive late you may be asked to wait by an usher and be reseated during the appropriate time.

– Please keep all electronic devices to a minimum, mobile phones are allowed within the auditorium but attendees are kindly asked that they are turned on silent before entering your seats.

– Cameras are usually not allowed, but can depend on the type of event so please enquire on the day, but note that flash photography is strictly prohibited.

Items that are not allowed:
– Please keep chemical perfumes to a minimum, be aware before you arrive that some people may have allergies and therefore avoiding this would be appreciated.
– Do not bring outside beverages or food, you will be able to purchase these from the lobby areas.