The Keller Auditorium has grown into having an incredible reputation as the place to go to see all of the latest Theatre, Ballet and live music performances in the Portland area.
Located Downtown on Clay Street, this wonderful venue has been host to an endless list of the greatest musicians and actors, over the years! Since it’s opening back in the early 1917, making it also an historical building to visit!

As well as concerts, this auditorium has held interesting and unique events such as; Exhibitions and it’s very own Museum, which unfortunately closed down in the mid 1960’s, but this gave way to a chance for change and in 2001, The Keller was of course renovated by Richard B. Keller, hence the name, to honor his work and the true transformation that was complete. The re-markable changes took what used to be a classic building into the modern day, now its the go to venue to catch exciting tours, of all kinds – all in one place!

Keller Auditorium